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Occupational Health Services

A healthy workforce, healthy profit

The workplace is recognised as ‘one of the most dangerous places on earth’, where physical, biological, ergonomic, chemical and emotional hazards prevail and expose employees to significant dangers to their health.

For a business, the workforce is its greatest asset. A sick workforce is a financial drain on any organisation both in terms of direct cost of health care for unhealthy employees and indirectly from reduced employee productivity on account of ill-health

Strategic Business Objective
  • To promote a healthy workforce in organisations through the establishment of workplace health programmes.
  • Health policy management and systems development

This service involves supporting the development of comprehensive workplace health, safety and security as well as environment policies and procedures. The service supports organizations to maintain a holistic view and approach to the development, design and implementation of workplace health programmes.

  • Health and safety promotion

This service supports the development of workplace health education programmes. The purpose of theservice is to create awareness, in employees, on healthy living practicesthrough the provision of information on key health issues. The programmes are designed to bring about sustainable changes in behavior that ensure healthy lifestyles in the future.

  • Health surveillance, fitness to work and healthcare services

The service provided here is designed to support organizations establish and maintain programmes that monitor the health of their employees. This service enables the early detection of ill-health in employees. The intent is to detect pre-existing and evolving health conditions in employees to ensure that they are, at all times, fit to engage in the work they have been assigned. The activities involved her include;


– Pre-, in-service and exit medical examinations

– Periodic medical screening and wellness examinations

Target Groups
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Organisations responsible or involved in the development and regulation of work and work related matter
Benefits of Target Groups
  • Healthy employees
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduction in corporate and individual expenditure on employee health
  • Increased commitment and implementation of workplace health programmes by employees

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