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School Health Services

Keeping the future healthy today

Schools represent an opportunity to work though one of the most organised and powerful systems in society to influence the health and well being of all those who come into contact with it. The three key components of school health are education, environment and services. IHS has the capacity to apply innovative approaches to coordinate the implementaton of these three components.


Strategic Business Objective

  • To promote and support the development of a healthy future generation through the introduction and establishment of comprehensive school health programmes in schools.


School Health Policy Development. This service involves supporting the development of comprehensive school health, safety and security as well as school environment policies and procedures. The service supports schools to maintain a holistic view and approach to the development, design and implementation of school health progamme activities.

  • School Health Promotion. This service supports the development of health education and edutainment programmes. The purpose of theservice is to create awareness on healthy living practicesthrough the provision of information on key health issues. The programme is designed to bring about sustainable changes in behavior that ensure healthy lifestyles in the future.


  • School Environmental Health and Sanitation. The services provided here are designed to ensure that the physical environment of the school supports and promotes health and the practice of healthy lifestyles. This component involves activities such as

– School environmental health assessment and certification

– Environmental health and sanitation intervention programs


  • School Health Surveillance. The service provided here are designed to support schools establish and maintain programmes that monitor the healthy development of the pupils/students at critical ages. The intent is to detect and identify detrimental health, developmental and learning disabilities at an early stage for the necessary intervention effected to be. The activities involved in this component are 

    – Entrance medical examinations for new enrolment of pupils and students

    – Health surveillance medical examinations for Basic 1, Basic 3, Basic 6, JHS1, JHS3 and SHS1

    – Health surveillance for outbreaks and spread of communicable diseases.


  • School Health Care Services. The services provided here are designed to enable the school to manage illness and injuries that may occur to pupils/students even before the arrival of parents/guardians. The intention is to ensure that the school is able to give appropriate and safe care to the ill or injured pupil/student to limit further harm or spread and also to be able to access higher level health care as quickly as possible from accredited health care facilities. The activities under this component include support to:

    – Establishment and management of school dispensary

    – Establishment and management of referral systems to external healthcare service provider

    – Communicable disease control

    – Capacity building activities for staff to enable them identify and care for a sick child.

Target Groups

  • Pupils/students of primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions.
  • Parents and guardians of pupils/students.
  • Teachers and support staff in primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions.
  • Organisations responsible or involved in the development and regulation of education.

Benefits of Target Groups

  • Teaching and learning processes enhanced in educational institution
  • Educational achievement enhanced in pupils/students
  • Healthy pupils/students, teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Healthy lifestyles and practices adopted and internalised by target groups