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Third Party Services


We manage international healthcare insurance plans and international patient care services. Our third-party administration service has been designed to cover:

  • Expatriate medical care sourced in Ghana
  • Organizations with self-insured plans
  • Insurance professionals wishing to outsource the management of their plans
  • General clients who with expectation beyond the current care system
  • Medical evacuations


We make available a priority contact person to support you throughout the management of your healthcare needs and international healthcare insurance plans. In order to control the healthcare expenses of your international patients, we provide specific information that itemizes all services provided to your patients for your statistical analysis and reporting tools when required.

ASA in providing third party support services [TPSS] recognizes that its client requires services of the highest quality, efficiency and effectiveness. The following support is provided to clients:

Strategic Business Objective
  • To promote and support the development of a healthy future generation through the introduction and establishment of comprehensive school health programmes in schools.
  • Organization of workshops, meetings and conferences:

ASA secures a complete set of services to the client which includes:

  • Workshop, meeting and conference venues
  • Logistics and support for workshops, meetings and conferences
    • Participant accommodation
    • Catering
    • Workshop stationary and equipment
    • Secretarial support
    • Facilitation and rapporteuring
  • Accommodation and transportation:

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ASA has a wide network of hotels and car rental organizations that are trusted and reliable. ASA’s relationship with these organizations allows it to negotiate competitive rates for services without compromising on quality, safety and security. Few client needs cannot be met by ASA and its network of organizations in the area of accommodation and transportation.

  • Setting up of appointments:

ASA provides support to its client in the identification of key stakeholders and individuals relevant to the client’s needs. ASA as well has the capacity and network to secure appointments with these stakeholders and individuals for the client.

  • Technical assistance and consultancy services:

ASA works with a number of local consultants in varied areas of professional expertise. Through this network of consultants ASA has the capacity to secure experienced individuals to provided technical assistance and consultancy services.

  • Fund management:

ASA is able to receive, disburse and render professional accounts of client funds. ASA takes responsibility for all local financial management arrangements that ensures that funds received are applied as intended by the client and duly accounted for in a timely manner. It is the policy of ASA to manage funds for activities for which TPSS is required.

  • Reporting:

For all assignments ASA prepares both administrative and financial reports to its clients in a timely manner.

For any further party service kindly contact : 0548-294696, 0546-262378 or emailinfo@asagh.com